Bedding, Mucking Out Tools & Accessories For Stables & Yards at Riseholme Country Store

At Riseholme Country Store we've got everything you need to keep your horse's stable lit, well bedded and clean, your field mucked out and electric fenced and the yard and arena well lit ! If we haven't got what you need in stock, we'll order it in for you.

Yard & Stable Tools - We have mucking out forks, shavings forks, stovels and brushes from  Fynalite, Red Gorilla, Harold Moore, Rag Forks,  Stubbs. We also have miniature tools especially for children to use including small wheelbarrows.

Disinfectant - To keep yards and stables clean and fresh, we have liquid and powder disinfectants from Aqueos, Battles Black, ClearRound, Equimins, Virkon.

Horse Bedding  - We have a good selection of bedding including bales of straw and wrapped chopped straw, Aubiose, Bedmax, Comfybed, Concord Straw Pellets, Easibed, Megasorb, Premium Shavings, Rapasorb, Sundown Yellow as well as Riseholme's own brand wood pellets.

Fertilizer - Suregrow.  Grass Seed - Horsemax.

Electric Fencing -  A full section of electric fencing supplies from British company Agrifence.

Wheelbarrows - All of our wheelbarrows come with puncture proof wheels. We do offer a selection of  replacement wheelbarrow wheels in stock.

Stable & Arena Lighting - We stock a selection of lighting solutions from LightMyRide.

Stable Rubber Matting - We stock heavy duty 6' x 4' Stable Mats with a 2 year guarantee, as well as ground mats by Fieldsave Matting.

Stable & Tackroom Fixtures & Fittings - From saddle racks, bridle hooks, rug racks to haynet and tie up rings, just ask and if it's not in stock we'll order it in for you.

Hardware Fixtures and Fittings - We carry a small, quality selection of gate and wall fixtures and fittings from Gatemate & Stubbs.