We'll make sure that your rabbit, guinea pig, hedgehog, fish, ferret, hamster, parrot, cockatiel, canary & budgie have quality food and nutrition.

Small Pet Food - At Riseholme feeds we have a range of healthfy food for smaller pets such as ferrets, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs always in stock and in most instances can order other varieties of food to arrive within a week.

Ferret Food - Our range of ferret food includes Alpha Ferret Feast and James Wellbeloved Ferret Nuggets & Ferret Complete. 

Rabbit Food - We offer Burgess Excel Rabbit Nuggets, Chudleys Rabbit Royale, Fancy Feed Bunny Nuggets, Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit and Supreme Science Selective Rabbit. 

Guinea Pig Food -  For guinea pigs we stock Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig & Tiny Friends Farm Supreme Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix.

Bird Food - Riseholme Feeds ensures that wild birds and pet birds, including parrots, have a selection of food in different size bags from Walter Harrison's. We also sell  suitable food containers for your aviary and outside bird table or hanger.

Hedgehog Food & Hedgehog Houses - The healthy hedgehog food at Riseholme Feeds comes from Brambles and Spikes. We also have hedgehog houses to encourage hogs back into gardens and keep them safe over winter.