Equine Accessories Available at Riseholme Country Store

Grooming Kits, Brushes, Grooming Accessories & Shampoos...

Grooming Brushes & Grooming Boxes  - All you need to keep your horse clean available at Riseholme Country Store! Body brushes, water brushes, sponges, dandy brushes, curry combs, hoof picks, main & tail combs and thinners, plaitting cottons, bands & Quick Knot clips.

Shampoos, Conditioners & Treatments - Riseholme has a fantastic range of horse cleaning products and coat enhancing treatments from Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, CleanRound, Cowboy Magic, Dermoline, Gallop, Gold Label, Groom Away, Leovet, Lincoln,  NAF, Nettex, Shapley's and Supreme Products.


Hoof Treatments, First Aid Supplies, Fly Sprays & Creams...

Hoof Treatments -  To keep horses' hooves healthy we have a great choice of hoof creams, oils and treatments for different times of the year from Barrier, Carr & Day & Martin, Gold Label, Keratex, Kevin Bacon, Hydrophane, Leovet, Lincoln, NAF, Nettex, NT-Dry, Sablene, Silverfeet, Supreme Products, Ungula Naturalis.

Fly Sprays & Fly Creams - A variety of fly sprays and creams from Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, CleanRound, Equine America,  Gold Label, Leovet, Lincoln,  NAF, and Nettex.

First Aid  - Everything you need for basic horse first aid from Animalintex, Barrier, Battles, Carr & Day & Martin, Dermoline, Gold Label, Hypocare, Keratex, NAF, Nettex, Trilanco, Vetericyn.


Wormers & Worming Kits...

Wormers & Qualified Worming Advice - Lindsay is trained to advise on your horse and dog worming programme. Riseholme has the following horse wormers in stock - Eraquell and Equimax, Eqvalan and Eqvalan Duo, Equitape, Equest and Pramox,NoroPraz, Strongid P, Panacur Equine Guard.

Horse Worm Counting Kits - The results come to us and we then advise the best worming programme for your horse.

Clippers, Clipper Blades, Studs & Stud Kits...

Horse Clippers, Oils & Blades - We have horse clippers, clipper blades and oils from Kerbl, Le Mieux,Lincoln, Lister, Liveryman, Wahl, Wolsley.  We also offer a 24 hour blade sharpening service as well as clipper servicing. 

Studs, Stud Kits & Accessories - from KEP, Le Mieux & Strömstholm,