A Quality Range of Accessories For Your Horse at Riseholme Country Store...

Bridles, Martingales, Girths, Headcollars, Ropes, Stirrup Irons & Leathers, Quality Bits and Bitting Advice.

Brildes & Leathergoods - We offer a range of quality leatherwork including bridles, martingales, a variety of nosebands, girths (leather and synthetic), stirrup leathers and headcollars & ropes (leather & webbing) from Ascot, Avignon, Dever, Hy, LeMieux,  Salisbury & Velocity.

Bridle & Saddle Pad Numbers  - A selection is always in stock.

Bits - We offer a selection of bits from Beris, Bombers, Neue Schule, Shires & Sprenger.

Bit Rental  - As bits can be expensive, Riseholme offers a rental service on Sprenger bits & Neue Schule Turtle Top bits.

Stirrup Irons -  Riseholme offers a selection of irons including various traditional, flexible and hi-tech styles from Flexon, LeMieux, Shires & Sprenger.

Saddle & Leatherwork Care - We have a wide variety of tack cleaning soaps, oils and conditioners from Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, Flexalan, Horseman's One Step, Leovet, Lincoln & NAF.