Extra Equine Services Offered by Riseholme Country Store...

At Riseholme Country Store we like to make our customers' lives easier!  That's why we offer those necessary 'Extra Equine Services' like Clipper Servicing & Blade Sharpening, Rug Cleaning & Repair as well as Tack Alterations & Mending.

We have carefully chosen the following businesses who we believe not only offer a thorough and professional approach but also share our values of great customer service.

Pro Blade Clipper Services

Blade Sharpening & Clipper Servicing - Pro Blade is a leading blade sharpening, clipper servicing and repair company based in Wysall, specialising in the precision sharpening of all types of clipper blades and the servicing and repair of all major brands of clippers and trimmers including Lister, Heiniger, Wolseley, Andis, Wahl and Masterclip.

We know how important it is to get your blades sharpened as quickly as possible, so Pro Blade's 24 Hour Turnaround Service* was just what we were looking for and is a huge hit with our customers! Just drop your blades off with us and collect and pay for them 24 hours later*. What could be easier? 

If your clippers need servicing or repairing, drop them to us and Pro Blade will contact you with a price and the timescale involved.  Full details and prices can be seen on Pro Blade's website. *in busy periods 48 hours.


Little Garendon Equestrian

Tack & Rug Alterations & Repairs - We are delighted to offer the professional saddlery services of Rachael Fairbrother at Little Garendon Equestrian.

If your rug or tack needs repairing or altering just drop it to us and we will send it to Rachael to work her magic.  If it's a dirty rug, we send it to Wash 'n' Dry to be cleaned first and then over to Rachael who will advise costs of repair in advance of work if requested. 

This service normally takes no longer than a week and we will call you when your items have arrived back with us.

Jill's Wash 'n' Dry

Rug Washing & Re-Proofing - What would we do without Jill's Wash 'n' Dry? A weekly service that turns dirty horse rugs, numnahs and dog beds into beautifully smelling items looking like new and where necessary re-proofed for outside use.  

Just drop you items in a bag to us where they will be logged and a week later you will be called to advise of their arrival. More details can be found on Jill's Wash 'n' Dry Facebook page.