The Best Quality Cat Products at Riseholme Country Store.

For your cat we offer a choice of quality food, bowls and cat litter as well as worm and flea treatments.

Cat Food - We stock a variety of cat and kitten food from Breeder Pack, Canagan, Purina (Felix) and Riseholme Feed's own label cat food kibble.

Cat Treats - Delicious treats for cats from Dreamies.

Wormers - We advise on when to worm your cat or kitten and have wormers from Dronspot, Drontal and Droncit Spot On.

Flea Treatment - We offer cat flea treatments from Frontline and Spot On as well as Johnson's flea shampoo.

Cat First Aid - We carry a small amount of first aid for cats including RanaSan antiseptic.

Cat Litter - From Cat's Best, Intersand Classic and Pettex. 

Cat Accessories - We stock a variety of food and water bowls for your cats as well as brushes and interactive toys from AFP (All For Paws).