Everything For Your Horse & Pony...

Apart from making sure your horse is having the best nutrition, we'll help you keep him warm, dry, wormed, groomed, well dressed and clipped, free from flies and safe when travelling. We'll even supply a Hedcam recorder for those unmissable moments!

Rugs - Bucas, Fal-Pro, Horseware Amigo, Mio & Rambo, Loveson, Mark Todd, Masta, Premier Equine, Shires, Tottie, Weatherbeeta.

Rug Cleaners - CleanRound, Granger's, Hytec, Nikwax, NuuWash, Rug Safe.

Bibs/Chest Expanders/Hoods - Horseware, Masta, Shires, Snuggy Hoods.

Shampoos/Conditioners/Treatments - Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, CleanRound, Cowboy Magic, Dermoline, Gallop, Gold Label, Groom Away, Leovet, Lincoln, Mark Todd, NAF, Nettex, Shapley's, Supreme Products, Wahl, Wolseley.

Hoof Treatments - Barrier, Carr & Day & Martin, Gold Label, Keratex, Kevin Bacon, Hydrophane, Leovet, Lincoln, NAF, Nettex, NT-Dry, Sablene, Silverfeet, Supreme Products, Ungula Naturalis.

Wormers - Eraquell and Equimax, Eqvalan and Eqvalan Duo, Equitape, Equest and Pramox,NoroPraz, Strongid P, Panacur Equine Guard. (Worm Count Kits & Advise)

Clippers, Oils & Blades - Kerbl, Le Mieux,Lincoln, Lister, Liveryman, Wahl, Wolsley. (24hour blade sharpening & Clipper servicing)

Video Recording - Two models of Hedcamz recorders & TrailorCam for your lorry.

Fly Sprays and Creams - Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, CleanRound, Equine America, Gold Label, Leovet, Lincoln, Mark Todd, NAF, Nettex, Stable Environment.

Travelling Boots and Bandages - Horseware, Hy Impact, Masta, Mark Todd, Premier Equine, Shires, Snuggy Hoods, Tottie,Woof.

Exercise Boots - Caldene, Dalmar, Hy Impact, KM Elite, Premier Equine, Veredus, Woof.

We'll make sure you have an excellent choice of tack, and stuff to clean it with!

Tack - Ascot, Bombers, Caldene, Dever, Freejump, John Whitaker, Horseware, Micklem, Myler, Neue Schule, Schockemoehle, Shires, Sprenger, Thorowgood.

Numnahs/Gel Pads - Acavallo, Caldene, Cottage Craft, Griffin Nuumed, John Whitaker, Premier Equine, Shires.

Soap and Conditioners - Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin,Flexalan, Horseman's One Step, Lexol Equine, Lincoln, NAF.

We'll ensure you have a choice of medicinal needs to help before and after the vet has been.

First Aid - Animalintex, Barrier, Battles, Carr & Day & Martin, Dermoline, Gold Label, Hypocare, Keratex, NAF, Nettex, Trilanco, Vetericyn.

We'll offer a selection of treats (some low sugar) and toys to keep your horse occupied and rewarded.

Treats - Baileys, Dodson & Horrell, Equilibrium, Equimins, Goodies,Likits treats, holders and toys, Hilton Herbs, Horslyx, Hubblicks (low sugar), Lincoln, Lush, NAF, Spillers, Supalyx, Uncle Jimmy's.

AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH... we offer the following EXTRA services:-

Clipper Blade & Servicing (Blades within 24 hours) by Pro Blade

Worm Count Kits for you to use. The results come to us and we advise what your horse needs.

Rental of the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad at a rate of £5 per day/£30 per week..

Rental of Horseware Ice Vibe Circulation Therapy Boots at a rate of £3 per day/£20 per week..

Rental of Sprenger bits & Neue Schule Turtle Top.

Rental of Freejump Stirrups at £3 per day/£20 per week.

Rug clean (re-proof when required) and repair service.

Tack repair service.