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  1. A message from Mouse.... An exciting day for me! A delivery of new toys arrived from House of Paws and, guess what, I've been given one all to myself to play with and savage! Of course that did prove a  little too energetic, so I just sat on it instead!! My fans will know that I have a wardrobe most humans would envy - see pic below of my camouflage outfit - however, I am on the lookout for a new Halloween if anyone sees one, please let me know. This has absolutely nothing to do with the disgraceful rumour that I have got a little porky and can't fit into my existing wardrobe!!


  2. It's been a soggy & miserable day at Riseholme so far although I have to say that Mouse and I are clean & dry - although Mouse is a bit dirtier than me as her tummy is nearer the ground!

    I was having a rather nice sleep on my bed near the boots display when rather a lot of activity caught my eye.  One of our customers, Karen Brady, decided she was not leaving until she had found our Business Card & won the competition prize of £5.00. Well, she kept on looking and after about an hour eventually found it. Thank goodness! I can now go back to sleep and wait until I have to welcome and reassure any new friends (four legged) that arrive in the shop.  Teapot xx