At Riseholme Feeds, we'll help you keep your feathered friends well fed, nourished and free from mites. We'll even supply your chickens with treats and toys and help to exercise them with games and a gym!!

Feed - Harrisons, Heygates, Fancy Feeds, Jondo grit.

Supplements - Equimins, Equus, NAF.

Mite Powders, Sprays & Treatments - Diatom, Lincoln, Smite.

Riseholme Feeds offers a selection of food and water containers to suit all budgets, along with electric fencing to help keep them safe from foxes.

If you have any problems or worries, just ask our advice. We've got years of expertise in the shop (we all own chickens and Lesley has parrots) and we're very happy to help. 

AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH.... if your hens aren't laying, we'll supply you with eggs too!